Pink Fire Pointer a down to earth superman ( pun intended )

a down to earth superman ( pun intended )

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3.5 / 5

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*** This review may contain spoilers ***  (it's been 5 yrs since the movie.. guess you should go ahead & just read it :))

well guys ... i hear all this stuff about superman being BOOOORING , SLOOOOOOOW, and zzzzzzzzzz.. it's pure crap. Even a 6 yr old , by now , knows the plot : that our hero has not given attendance to planet earth for 5 yrs... humanity has learned to live without one. Pulitzer prizes are given to such ideas.. but, ONLY A 6 yr old would expect the movie to take off as soon as the man of steel returns.

The film-makers have really tried to put things in perspective. Superman comes down to earth after a long, long time, and so does the story. The pace is casual, drama-like, witty at times and makes us sit back and relish each frame at a time - something not many movies allow us these days.

If there is a black-mark, it's with the plot. At the end, when the U.S of A realises that a new land mass is growin near them they just stand and stare at it? Singer loses the reality he'd so far had... won't the coast guard/pentagon/nsa at least make any moves. Is it all upto the superman to do the whole part??

Maybe Singer is trying to tell - with superman around, the not so super men fail to do their duties... maybe Lois is right about why the world doesn't need a superman. Apart from that glaring and monstrous plot hole the movie is worth watchin once. Vfx rocks!

18 July 2006