Pink Fire Pointer Celebratin' 3000 Pageviews

Celebratin' 3000 Pageviews

Heeheeheehoohahahee... Bravo blogger bravo! 3000 is but a fickle thing Batty guy!

  Thank you dear Reader (or browser.. or picture viewer..  or the accidentally landed on the random blog guy), for giving us three thou hits! Here's a snapshot people.. of what's been happenin' on this blog thus far,

Wish my personal finances can show that kinda graph!

  This is just the beginning of aplenty more reviews to come. Movie-reviewing is as old a job as the mighty Eastwood himself.. and hope it stays strong and true as the man himself. I've had an good journey, that's just begun, and enjoyed writing about films that I love (or not). Hopefully, as a reader, I hope you've been enjoying the read/ride as well.

It's bin' a blast! Thank you guys!

  To commemorate this historic and precedented event, I've decided to rate..
and review a very special film. One that closed the last century with a ☼bang☼ .. and led an entire industry into making a caricature of itself.. and still does!

So let us all meet when we meet 'coz we are all here to do what we are all here to do!

Coming soon..  to a blog-post near you.