Pink Fire Pointer A Quick review of th latest spate of English movies running in Madras

A Quick review of th latest spate of English movies running in Madras


Drive Angry : 0.5 / 5 -- easily th worst film you could ever see in your life. Also 3D abuse!! (0.5 for trying Tarantino like in your face gore - doesn't work well with th non-existent story)

Sucker Punch : 2.0 / 5 -- Snyder creams us and punches us with superlative boredom only exceeded by some 'usual Snyder-ly' graphical quality. What was he thinking? A story about a girl abused and plagued by deaths of beloved ones & wrongfully committed is simply a PS3/xbox game? A sad evening at the cinema.

Adj. Bureau : 2.5 / 5 -- good artists n credibl performance - though th import of a bureau running this world n th human lives doesn't come across very well. Story needs many adjustments.

I am No.4 : 2.5 / 5 -- short in creativity & innovation. Think twilight & sub. th vamps wit aliens who look human. Th climax seems to b a sequenc 4m ghost busters!! Yet, this supposd 2 b a sci-fi thriller. Atleast dats th imprssion you get in th 1st half. Immense waste of talent n production.

Unknown : 3 / 5 -- it's a bit known. (spoiler) If you've seen Salt you'll figure this one out - except that it's th opposite. Throw in a bit of Bourne, a bit of Hitchcock's th man who knew too much. Liam does th role in his stride. Special mention: Bruno Ganz as ernst jurgen.

Jus go with it : 3 / 5 -- th name says it. Typical Sandler comedy. Typical story line and ending. Yet, there a few genuinely hilarious moments & some very funny lines in th process. Special Mention: th 2 kids of Aniston - Bailee Madison & Griffin Gluck.

Rio : 3.2 / 5 -- a celebration. I was very reluctant to watch this one with birds(?). Th promos n posters looked very girly n too kiddish 4 my taste. Yet, th movie is a pleasant surprise & th 3D is seamless. As far as birds could be used in animation as protagonists, it's quite innovative & original . Th film's strength lies in th sweeping and majestic camera angles and breathtaking scenery all animated. Splendid music. Th city is brought well to life!!